August 5, 2011: Black Aids Weekly:
My Son: My Positive Influence
Throughout my life but prior to my son's birth, I had major difficulties adhering to my medication. Honestly, I still have problems digesting pills, which I hate (actually, "hate" is not a strong-enough word). However, the thought of my son makes swallowing the pills a bit more tolerable. More>>>

August 1, 2011: Science News:
Increasing Potency of HIV-Battling Proteins
ScienceDaily (Aug. 1, 2011) — If one is good, two can sometimes be better. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have certainly found this to be the case when it comes to a small HIV-fighting protein. More>>

July 29, 2011: Science News:
Missed Opportunities for HIV Diagnosis in Emergency Departments

ScienceDaily (July 29, 2011) — New University of Cincinnati (UC) research on HIV testing at local emergency departments shows that hospitals miss opportunities to diagnose patients who do not know they are infected with HIV, even when a regular testing program is in place. More>>

July 26, 2011: Science News:
New Tuberculosis Drug-Resistance Test Shows Promise but Needs Investment for Those Diagnosed to Be Cured
ScienceDaily (July 26, 2011) — Two research studies in this week's PLoS Medicine suggest that a new automated DNA test for tuberculosis (Xpert MTB/RIF), which can detect TB within 2 hours and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization, can significantly increase TB detection rate compared to other tests, particularly in HIV positive patients who have a high risk of being infected with TB, including multidrug resistant TB. An accompanying Essay and Perspective highlight the economic challenges and implications of such diagnostic tests. More>>

July 26, 2011: Black AIDS Weekly:
This week we conclude our Versus the Virus series, a four-part sequence of stories examining efforts to eradicate HIV/AIDS among Black gay and bisexual men in New York City. Writer Adrian Fussell looks at the impact of budget cuts on outreach and support services for young MSM, asking how the epidemic can be contained if the funding is no longer there.  More>>

July 5, 2011: HIV Disrupts Blood-Brain Barrier: Cellular Study Suggests Way Virus May Cause Neurological Deficits

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