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SSHP Statement of Purpose

The Alliance for Living's Scattered Site Housing Program (SSHP) is committed to providing safe, affordable housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS in New London County. The AFL's SSHP is in accordance with the Standards of Care vision and philosophy of the Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition (CARC).

Applying for the SSHP is a simple process. The waiting period, however, can be lengthy. You must remain in touch with your medical case manager, and follow through with the recommendations outlined in your Housing Care Plan.

Steps to get on the SSHP list:


If you are in need of housing assistance, please make an appointment to meet with your Medical Case Manager and the Housing Coordinator.


You must meet eligibility requirements and be willing to follow through with all recommendations as outlined by the Housing Coordinator.


Once you have been notified of your acceptance in SSHP, we will assist you with the search for housing.


Welcome to SSHP! You have demonstrated the willingness and ability to achieve a safe affordable housing unit.

Scattered-Site Housing Program

If you are a member and need housing assistance, even if you're already in an apartment, contact your medical case manager or Housing Coordinator Jodie Atkinson at 860-447-0884 ext. 226 to see what you have to do to take advantage of our Housing Program.